A Studio

by artists. for artists.

At Saffronic, you’ll partner with best-in-class artists to bring your vision to life. From assets to final frame, our team has the cutting-edge expertise to tell your stories, no matter the medium.



Saffronic is honored to partner with some of the most well-known companies across entertainment and games. 

Their work is legendary. Our partnership continues that reputation.



We create Award-Winning Animation for Cinema, Gaming, and Episodic Television. From the intial sketches to the last pixel, we produce compelling stories by building assets, animation, FX, lighting and render compositing with the world’s most advanced tools and pipelines.

Our decades of experience across a wide variety of games inform our collaborative approach to production. Focusing on concept art, assets, in-game animation, and stunning cinematics, our artists take advantage of the best tools and pipelines in the industry to create memorable characters and stunning worlds that players will want to experience again and again.



As a group of artists who embrace pushing the boundaries of storytelling and are fascinated with new technology, our team is an ideal partner for creating captivating experiences in the boundless world of the metaverse. By leveraging XR, we create a space where artistic talent, science and technology meet.


We make magic using Maya, Nuke, and associated software, including Substance, Zbrush, Mari, Houdini, Vray, Blender, and Arnold. We offer both Unreal and Unity pipelines and will quickly assemble a dedicated team of hand-picked artists tailored to our partner’s specific needs.