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Our Work


From Jessica Campbell, VP, Production, Mindshow

“We are beyond proud of Saffronic’s work and the fun, very pink, and sparkly journey this team went on with us. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication to get us to the finish line. We’re excited to keep collaborating and improving together.”

From Ross Bagdasarian & Janice Karman, Owners (Alvin and the Chipmunks) / Bagdasarian Prods.:

“We have worked with Kevin Johnson and several of the talented artists for over a decade that are now using their combined talents at Saffronic. They not only continue to do amazing work, but constantly want to give you more than you expected. They meet every challenge with dedication and a commitment to excellence. And their greatest achievement is the client’s happiness. They are an incredible team to work with.”

From Josh Fisher, Producer (Kiwi Island) / I Josh Around:

“The whole team at Saffronic was great and they delivered amazing work right in our budget. I’m eager to work with them again.”

From Colin Levy, Creative Director (Mary Margaret Road Grader) / Trioscope:

“We brought an incredibly ambitious and challenging project to Saffronic. With over four hundred shots — some fully CG, and the rest entirely bluescreen — I was apprehensive about the scope as well as the quality level we’d be able to achieve on a tight budget.

Month by month, the team at Saffronic put my worries to rest. They were a pleasure to work with — hard working, honest, with the artists and a well-oiled pipeline in place to deal with the volume. They care about the work they do and were great at addressing notes even when it meant yet another revision.  

Any team has its weaknesses, and any client/vendor relationship will have its pain points, but I was grateful for their clear communication, professionalism, and collaborative spirit throughout. I’m honestly thrilled with the look of the final product and look forward to working with Saffronic again on the next one!”

From Conrad Chow, Studio CG Supervisor (Sonic Prime) / WildBrain Studios:

“Thanks to Saffronic for bolstering our FX team on the Sonic Prime series co-produced by SEGA and WildBrain for Netflix. We really valued their creativity and professionalism throughout production and their seamless collaboration was an important part of delivering this global hit series.”

From Owen Hurley, Head of Studio (Team Mekbots: Animal Rescue) / M2 Animation:

“At M2 we are highly selective when it comes to partner studios. When we work with a partner, we want to build a long-term relationship based on excellent delivery, trust and openness to tackle challenges collaboratively. That is why we work with Saffronic.”