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March 2023

Kristy Scanlan Joins Saffronic.

Saffronic is elated to have one of the pioneers of the animation and entertainment industry. Kristy Scanlan joins us as our Senior Vice President, Business Development. 

She has several admirable accolades in her 25 years of professional experience in live-action, animation, video games, and location-based entertainment. 

Kristy has worked with Mainframe Studios as their SVP, VP of Business Development, Animation & Games, at Technicolor, and was with Threshold Entertainment, where she oversaw the development and production of long-form animated content for brands such as LEGO as well as location-based entertainment.

Kristy has worked with many of the biggest entertainment companies and brands in the world, including Disney Television, DreamWorks Animation, Activision, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Capcom, 2K, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Games. 

Kristy is a member of the PRODUCERS GUILD OF AMERICA and ASIFA HOLLYWOOD, as well as a former Co-President of WOMEN IN ANIMATION.


February 2023

Kidscreen Summit.

We had the pleasure of attending the Kidscreen Summit 2023 in Miami.

Being one of the largest global animation markets, the event sure was very knowledgeable where we met a lot of industry leaders who are driving trends and change.  The takeaway is to create content that is adapting to include teaching and entertaining parents as well as modeling parent/children interactions and conversations.  We are looking forward to more such industry talks and learnings at the upcoming events.

Also super proud and elated for Prabhakar Sambandan and a few of our Mighty Saffronites for their past contribution to the award winning shows in the Kidscreen Summit 2023.

January 2023

The Joy of Giving Back.

On the joyous occasion of National Girl Child Day, we had the privilege to collaborate with the Tech Mahindra Foundation and visit the CSI School for the Deaf.

Saffronic team hosted two awareness skits on the importance of girl children and also engaged them with our art.  Our artists drew portraits of these young children, danced and entertained them.  Wonderful big smiles from these kids truly blessed our herts.  Looking forward to many such events..


January 2023

We Hit 200.

We have reached the 200 milestone!.

Just months back we celebrated our joy of hitting a century and now we have hit 200!  This hearty journey began with a few unconventional visionaries in May, became 100 in September and now we are 200.  For Saffronic every individual is important and in this spirit we celebrated our milestone with our beloved housekeeping and security personnel, to thank them for their selfless daily contribution.  We love what we do and we look forward to welcoming more passionate creatives.


November 2022

Power of Knowledge Sharing.

Inculcating industry specific knowledge and processes among the young passionate minds is truly empowering. 

We have had the privilege to host such very erudite industry visit sessions with ICAT, DaVinci Media College and Arena Animation Institutions.  The students came down to our studio, interacted with our artists and team, enabling a deeper understanding of the pipeline and production processes of the industry.


December 2022

Learning is Unlimited.

Learning in Saffronic is unlimited and knowledge is high. 

For this ambitious goal, we have introduced the ACE session which aims to keep our artists engaged and updated on all the latest trends and software.  The ACE session is hosted by our in-house industry experts who love inculcating their experience through knowledge sharing.  The pride of these sessions is that it is open to all artists down the floor who can participate in any session even if it is not from their core work industry.  An everyday Animation Artist who gives those sassy moves to a character can now learn how the lighting affects the animated character, hosted by an LRC Expert.


November 2022

Cross-country Talent.

Our pride is our talent!

We are very proud to have extremely talented artists from all across the country. We recently hosted our very first and largest recruitment drive in Hyderabad and were overwhelmed to see such fresh and new talent.

dillip kesu and manish copy

November 2022

Visit of the Pioneers.

We had the chance to interact with two of our top supporters and mentors: Manish Vyas and Dilip Keshu.

Recently we were elated to have our two industry pioneers visit our Chennai Studio.  Manish Vyas, President Comm.,M&E and CEO of Network Services at Tech Mahindra, and Dilip Keshu, CEO of BORN.  They had a knowledgeable and interactive session with the team and creative artists.  They shared their thoughts and experience with our team, motivating and encouraging all of us.  We hope both Manish and Dilip had as much of a memorable visit as we all did.


September 2022

100 and Counting.

We started our journey with a small team of 10 in May and 4 months later we are now 100.

We recently celebrated the milestone of reaching over 100 Mighty Saffronics.  The feeling of like-minded creative minds working together on the commonly shared passion of bringing magic to the world is unreplaceable.  We love what we do and we are looking forward to having more suche creatives on board with us.  Want to be part of our team, write to [email protected].  Here is to #makingmemories.  Cheers!

The Start

April 2022

The Start.

For us at Saffron!c, our team members are our core strength for achieving a high standard of operational excellence.

We joined our hands together to CELEBRATE and BRAINSTORM our very first phase of an exciting and thrilling project.  We had an enthralling session of knowledge and ideas that helped us achieve ambitious and excelling results.  More to come, as we embark on this journey together – Solid as ever.